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La increíble transformación de Martyn, el hombre de más de 150 kilos de músculo

De joven sufrió una lesión que lo hizo perder masa muscular. Sin embargo, gracias a su obsesión con el gimnasio se ha transformado en toda una "mole"

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Nov 10, 2015- 16:42

Martyn Ford ha tenido un radical cambio físico que te sorprenderá. Todo comenzó cuando de 20 años, el joven sufrió una lesión jugando cricket y perdió masa muscular. Sin embargo, más adelante su obsesión por el gimnasio hizo que poco a poco empezara a incrementar músculos en diferentes partes del cuerpo.

We have all been there, no one accidentally grows muscle! However it often seems impossible to get good advice on how they did it! After been in that place, so desperate to grow and feel better about myself, I know how frustrating it can be. So here are a few notes to help you on your journey. Most common mistakes people make when trying to grow are: •under eating •overtraining •poor exercise form •not training the muscles hard enough •poor training structure Ok I’m going to focus on over training here! The biggest mistakes new comers or those who are desperate to grow is they simple do to much volume and not enough intensity/quality. There is a simple physiological fact when it comes to building muscle. If a muscle is to grow in strength and size it must first fully recover from the last exercise session using that/those body parts. The average person usually takes between 24-48 hours for there muscle to recover. It is during this time that the muscle feeds, repairs and grows. It is common for a new comer to recover faster than intermediate or advanced individuals. This is why a 3 day alternate day split is ideal for new starters. Recovery time (est) •beg 48 hrs •int 72 hrs •adv 96 hrs This is mainly due to how intense an advanced athlete can push there body, needing longer recovery time. So with all this in mind be sure to eat, train and rest properly for optimal and faster gains! Train smarter not harder! Hope this makes sense and sinks in, if helps just one person feel better about themselves in weeks to come it was worth the thumb act writing this has caused me! Lol #help #guidance #support #family #betabodz #martynford

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Trece años después de mucho entrenamiento, Martyn Ford se ha convertido en una montaña de músculos que no para jamás de entrenar. Él tiene dos metros de altura, pesa 150 kilos e intimida a cualquier cuando se para al frente.

Si bien está muy orgulloso con su nuevo cuerpo, reconoce que tiene sus problemas. No es fácil mantenerlo así. Por ejemplo, quema tantas calorías que come a cada hora. Así, llega a gastar hasta 400 dólares por semana sólo en alimentarse.

Training Tips for new comers to the game. The most important part of training is understanding your body, your body type and being realistic to your level. There is no point following the program of a pro body builder if you’ve literally just walked into the gym. Building the body is a process, to build a solid building, it must be done a brick at a time. So with that been said here is an excellent way to introduce your body to training. Level one program: Monday: whole body Tuesday: rest Wednesday: whole body Thursday: rest Friday: whole body Sat: rest Sunday: rest Ideal routine to be performed with 3 sets of 10-12 reps and 45-60 rest between sets. Deadlift Bent Over Row Chest Press Shoulder Press Uptight Row Squat Leg Press Hamstring Curl Follow this program for 4-6 wks , gradually increasing the weights been used in the exercise. If you find performing the deadlift and squat to much, replace deadlift with pull ups or pull downs if you can’t do those. Nutrition Aim to eat 6 meals per day, be sure that your biggest meals and breakfast, pre and post training. These meals should really focus on quality foods, on average aim for 25-35 g of protein, 40-60 g of carb and 10-15 g fats in these meals. Hydration is very important! Your water intake is key to success. Supplements A great supplement to consume is BCAA, take these am , pre/intra/post training and before bed. Protein shake and carbs drink post training is also key with in 20 minutes of training (golden window) you can eat food here, but for practical reasons shakes tend to be much easier. I’m using the ‘alldayyoumay’ for my BCAA and glutamine intake. Remember eat well, train hard and supplement smart! Quality food and structured training is key! Good luck @5percentnutrition #martynford #training #growth #motivation #getstarted

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Eso lo llevó a estudiar nutrición en la universidad. También se formó en ciencias del deporte y educación física. Y puso su propio gimnasio en Minworth, Reino Unido.

Pero su próximo desafío es el cine de acción. Acaba de terminar de filmar su primera película, Undisputed 4, y espera que lleguen muchas más oportunidades como esta.

Undisputed4. Final edit done, just waiting on release date. This film was incredible for me to film. I think I may shock a few people at just how insane the fight scenes are. To say filming this was easy would be a lie. So much time, training, determination, energy, focus went into each and everyday. I trained for 8 weeks at home before I flew out to start the filming of this. I took my weight from 24.1 st to 22.3 for filming. I was training 2-3 hours per day. In the gym and fight training on top, the fitness needed to film this was incredible! I hope it’s a film that motivates people to chase their dreams, never give up and believe in your self. I’m no one special, I had no leg up, no gift , no special secret, just pure grit and determination , and I never gave up! Find that dream, set your goals , believe in your ability and never give in! #undisputed4 #martynford #film #scottadkins #dreams

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