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A letter to Trump from a “shithole country”


Por Paolo Luers

Ene 12, 2018- 18:12

Dear Donald:

You asked why all these people from shithole countries are coming to your country. Well, I can answer your question: They believe in the United States, more than you do. You don’t believe that the United States became a great country because millions of people, from all over the world, have chosen to come to the United States, ready to work hard for their families, including those they left behind. You don’t believe in the American ideal of freedom and equality that keeps attracting people who live in poor countries where this ideal is only real for the privileged few. Those who truly believe in this ideal are those people from poor countries, who risk everything, including their lives, to come to the United States. Shit people who come from shitholes.
Well, Donald, have you never asked yourself why your grandfather Friedrich Drumpf came to the United States in 1885? He came, because back then Germany was a shithole even worse than El Salvador and Haiti are now for you. Why do you think millions of Irish, Italians, Germans and Norwegians left their countries to settle in the United States and built it into the great country you are trying to destroy? They came because they couldn’t make a living and find freedom in their shitholes, as you choose to call poor countries.
You asked yourself another question: Instead of all these people from shitholes like El Salvador and Haiti, why not bring people from Norway to the States? That’s also easy to answer: Because Norway is not anymore the shithole it was, when 4.5 millions of its people immigrated to the Unites States some 150 years ago. It may hurt your feelings, but today nobody from Norway will emigrate to your country, because this former shithole now guarantees its citizens a degree of freedom, wealth, security, health care and equality you can only dream of. So does most of Europe. So, forget about white well-educated people flocking into your country in order to make it great again. You’ll have to do with the people from shitholes. And let me tell you: They are the most motivated to work hard and defend American values.
You’re right: We have a lot of shit going on in our country: corruption, violence, bad leadership… and sometimes bad influence from the US. That’s why we often call our country even worse things than a shithole. We have the right to do that, you don’t. You can -and should- blame our bad leaders for all they’re doing wrong, but you can’t blame or hurt our countrymen, whose hard work in the United States is doing more to improve our country than our and your government together.
Excuse my English, but what can you expect from people living in a shithole?

Regards, Paolo Luers